6 reasons why your team should become SWCP #MileMakers in 2021

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What is a ‘Mile Maker’?

Over 12 months, a Mile Maker Business simply donates or fundraises the amount it costs on average to look after one of the 630 Coast Path miles each year – £1,400. That’s less than £120 per month to raise together as a team however you like – it could be through staff fundraising, a percentage of product sales or an end-of-year corporate donation – its your choice! Read more.

Our Cause: it’s simply about People & Planet

The Path supports health & wellbeing, natural landscapes, local livelihoods. All are threatened by climate change.

The South West Coast Path provides health-giving happiness to millions of people every year, connects hundreds of coastal communities, helps the region’s rural economy thrive and is one of our most precious wildlife corridors. It is a vehicle for change, helping us repair the growing disconnect between modern life and the natural world. Despite its profound positive impact, less than 1% of people who use the Path, give back to it regularly and its future is at threat due to under-funding and coastal erosion caused by climate change.

Over the last eight years we at the SWCP Association have recorded 180 ‘exceptional coastal erosion events’ which have destroyed parts of the Trail. Many were cliff falls, landslips, or collapses of key infrastructure such as stairs or bridges caused by heavy rain fall, flooding or storm surges. Read more.

The SWCP is a natural choice for an away day in 2021

A fundraising team walk on the Trail, for the Trail is a great way forward for your charitable activity next year. Here’s why:

  1. The pandemic is still with us: a team fundraising walk is about the most covid-safe activity you can do once lockdown 2 is lifted.
  2. Morale boost guaranteed: walking is a proven way to a healthy workforce as well as to bond and think creatively with colleagues.
  3. Taking action feels good: the climate crisis is worrying us all, here is a simple way to do something about its impacts on your doorstep.
  4. Engagement and PR opportunities: invite your customers, suppliers, employees, friends and family to join your journey and share the story.
  5. ‘1% for the Planet’ membership: choose to amplify your support by registering your giving through 1%, we are an official non-profit partner.
  6. Rewards: as well as satisfaction in bucket-loads, you’ll get the iconic commemorative National Trail way marker below for your work place.

When Rodda’s Creamery became Rodda’s Ramblers

The formula works

The lovely team behind iconic Cornish cream, Rodda’s, became trailblazers this summer when they got together for some covid-safe fundraising and team building on the Trail. They hiked 8 hilly miles together from Portreath to Gwithian, raising vital funds to safeguard the Coast Path’s future, inspired by their shared love of exploring the Cornish coastline on foot. The team surprised themselves, raising double their fundraising target! Event organiser Verity said “we all use the Coast Path, so it’s nice to give something back, and come together as a team to raise money for such a worthy cause.” Read Rodda’s blog about their fundraiser.

To discuss your company giving please don’t hesitate to contact SWCP Fundraising Manager, Genevieve. Thank you for your support!