The South West has been hugely successful in attracting innovative and ambitious businesses and people from across the UK and further afield. Those businesses and individuals have recognised the huge potential here for investment and growth within a world class environment. The South West has enviable natural resources, superb FE and HE provision and a dynamic and flexible workforce. At SWBC we have already made significant contributions to existing and new businesses and the regional economy. But there is more to do, with challenges and opportunities to address and embrace. The COVID-19 pandemic has now presented the UK economy with one of its biggest ever threats; it has impacted some businesses and people severely and yet created significant opportunities for others.

Our revised strategy and membership benefits are designed to help our members and potential members: to survive and go on to thrive once again.

To that end, we are working with our members and stakeholders across the region to provide support through contact with relevant experts, advice and assistance to build resilience and to access financial assistance from government and lenders.

What we do

We act in the best interests of our members:

  • We provide a voice for businesses across the South West.
  • We represent the interests of South West businesses inside and outside the region: supporting trade, investment, infrastructure, natural capital etc.
  • We keep businesses informed of major developments inside and outside the region.
  • Our members are business leaders and ambitious businesses of any size and from any sector.

We promote thought leadership and innovation in the South West:

  • We actively support major developments that have strategic importance to the region including support for new inward investment opportunities.
  • We work to protect existing investment in major regional and ambitious businesses of any size and from any sector.
  • We work closely with other business groups in the South West at a strategic level and can act as like a ‘network of networks.

How we do it

  1. We influence key local, regional, and national stakeholders and policy makers to make the best decisions to support our business community.
  2. We lobby for inward investment, infrastructure improvements and to attract, train and retain talent to the region for our employers.
  3. We bring together a broad spectrum of business views through our Advisory Board.
  4. We facilitate and support vital collaboration across the key stakeholders in the South West.
  5. Using our extensive networks, we identify, facilitate and broker new opportunities for partnership, trade and investment, nationally and internationally.
  6. We nurture and maintain personal, trusted, and long-standing relationships with all our members individually.
  7. We seek to understand our members priorities and help them achieve their goals by mobilising our networks and sharing intelligence.
  8. We spot opportunities and connect people where there is mutual interest and benefit in doing so.
  9. We undertake discrete advisory services for strategically important businesses.

Why we do it

The success and development of SWBC over the last 18 years is evidence of our tangible impact. Since we are focused on bringing about lasting change, our achievements are many and varied.