Infrastructure, Education and Skills, Enterprise and Innovation

The reliability, cost and quality of local, regional and national infrastructure plays a vital role in promoting and sustaining economic growth and prosperity, and significantly impacts on productivity levels of course. Businesses make investment decisions based on rail, road, air and digital connectivity. Ensuring that the correct skills are in place, both within our existing and future work force, is also vital to the economy of the South West. The promotion of enterprise and innovation is crucial to engender a positive and aspirational culture, vital ingredients for the region’s success.  

SWBC is engaged in a diverse range of initiatives, but there’s a specific focus on these three strategic priorities, each supported by a Special Interest Group 

In response to South West business needs and the opportunities and challenges in local, regional, national and international markets, the South West Business Council has identified a set of priorities which will also inform its policies over the next twelve months. These priorities reflect the world-leading research and innovation of the South West, including aerospace, microelectronics, energy generation, environmental and digital technologies.