Links outside the South West

Core to our mission is the establishment of partnerships with regions and cities across the UK and internationally. We believe that establishing air bridges to concentrations of economic activity beyond the South West will open up new and exciting opportunities for trade, investment, employment and innovation within the region – and our partners beyond it. The first of these partnerships is with the Midlands Engine, in the form of the Greater Birmingham Chambers of Commerce, directly representing over 2,000 member organisations. The West Midlands represents an economy of £180 billion and a wealth of commercial opportunities for South West organisations.

SWBC is an efficient and effective way to connect into these new possibilities. In words of Russell Jeans, COO of Greater Birmingham Chambers of Commerce; “This new partnership is an exciting development for us. We realised there was a great deal of synergy between the Midlands and the South West, and significant opportunities from forging this ground-breaking partnership.” “Many of the issues that affect us in the Midlands, like skills, infrastructure and innovation, are of equal importance to the South West. Our agreement will strengthen and extend the connection, support and growth of local businesses provided mutually by the GBCC and SWBC. By sharing our experiences, we will have the opportunity to learn from each other and establish an ‘air bridge’ of knowledge between us and along the M5 corridor to the South West.”

Landing Points

For a region reaching out in business, and welcoming visitors to it

A place to land, work and engage

A desk

Wi-Fi and coffee

Meeting Rooms

Local signposting and support services

Opportunities to engage with local businesses

A base to make the best use of your time

A place to come back to

List of Landing Points


Exeter Science Park

Energy Innovation Centre (Somerset)

Falmouth University

Greater Birmingham Chambers of Commerce