Our South West Business Council membership helps us to stay attuned with business in the area and provide the assistance that organisations from our home region require.

Our firm has grown rapidly since our beginnings in Bristol, but our people-centric approach keeps us connected to our origins. Tim and Paul have their finger on the pulse of the region and their support allows us to cement our position as part of a broad network of organisations within the area.

Chris Wade

Partner on behalf of Osborne Clarke , Osborne Clarke

Our charity works with many local, regional, national and international organisations to protect, promote and enhance the South West Coast Path; one of the world’s great trails.

Out of all these organisations, the South West Business Council stands out. The strategic approach, technical knowledge and understanding of the SWBC team and Board are matched with their passion for the South West.

The wide range of issues addressed by the SWBC and associated networking opportunities reflect the quality of people involved and the culture of the organisation. The SWBC’s support is broad and very much appreciated.

Julian Gray

Director, South West Coast Path Association

The University of Exeter is committed to working closely with our local and regional partners – to help drive growth, to create opportunities for our students and to play our full part in our growing innovation ecosystem.

It was our experiences at the SWBC’s excellent networking opportunities that led us to sponsor the 2022 Annual Dinner. Our relationship with the SWBC has always been a positive one and we hope to carry on our work in collaboration with Paul and the team for many years to come. 

Chris Evans

Interim Director of Innovation, Impact and Business, University of Exeter

The South West Business Council have provided absolutely tremendous support with procuring planning permission for the Ashburton quarry project.

Our membership with the South West Business Council has felt more like a partnership thanks to their ongoing support. Tim Jones and his network were essential in identifying and communicating further benefits of the quarry extension to encourage support for the project. 

The independent viewpoint of the review, drawn together from such a credible voice as the South West Business Council, clearly communicated the importance of the project and helped us progress with our plans. The South West Business Council’s contribution to our success in this project going forward holds significant weight.

Barry Wilson

Managing Director, E & JW Glendinning Ltd

The first thing that the South West Business Council brings us is a huge amount of credibility; people instantly recognise that we are a genuine and trusted organisation when they learn about our affiliation.

Secondly, their knowledge and expertise is unrivalled. We trust implicitly that they understand their business community and the advice and insight they give us is genuinely consulted, considered and meaningful.

Finally, their connections and network is amazing, and has opened a number of doors for us; helping us grow, expand and learn. As an organisation, they are not about making money or providing an impersonal service. It’s clear to us that they share our ambition to do the right thing for the region, help others and make a positive impact.

It’s a pleasure working alongside Paul and the SWBC team and we look forward to seeing where our partnership takes us in the coming months.

Mark Moore

Director, South West Cyber Resilience Centre

It was fantastic to engage with South West Business Council to discuss Kickstart and the importance for young people in our community. The SWBC has a valuable, well-connected, network that is clearly committed to increasing outcomes for both businesses and citizens. It was a pleasure to be involved.

Mark Peck

Group Director South West, Department for Work and Pensions

Womble Bond Dickinson has had a longstanding relationship with Tim Jones and the team at South West Business Council. As a business we span eight locations across the UK, focussing on providing high-quality legal capability and outstanding personal service to a wide range of regional, national and international clients. Our membership with SWBC enables us to gain insight and influence strategic direction in regional matters, and also explore opportunities for us to collaborate on client-facing initiatives and challenges. SWBC’s excellent networking opportunities have meant meeting some really key individuals and organisations, as well as introductions that have enabled us to work on joint assignments. I look forward to seeing what else we can do together.

Craig Moore

Partner, Womble Bond Dickinson

SWR is pleased to have been a member of SWBC for several years since the start of our franchise in 2017 and alongside our sister company, GWR. We value our membership in several ways – the influence and connections that SWBC has within the wide geographic coverage of the region with both business and local government is key to joining the strategic dots together which in turn helps to influence central Government at a time of high competition for funding. SWBC is also a key gateway to SWR working more closely with local businesses and tourism organisations to support greater usage of rail which in turn drives many economic, social and environmental benefits across the region.

Andrew Ardley

Regional Development Manager, South Western Railway

SWBC brings together representatives from a wide range of companies and organisations to give everyone an important opportunity to network and learn from other people’s experience. In addition we all require efficient and modern infrastructure including road, rail, air and sea as well as broadband in order for business to expand and thrive in the future. It is very reassuring to know that SWBC spends a great deal of time ensuring that this critical issue is given real focus and lobbying on our behalf.

James Staughton

Chief Executive, St Austell Brewery

As the gas distribution network serving the south west of England, we are delighted to be members of SWBC as this offers us opportunities to connect with so many of our customers and stakeholders in the area.

We appreciate being able to meet with a range of businesses and other organisations through our membership, and to explain who we are and about the services we supply to the south west.

Steven Edwards

Director of Regulation & Commercial, Wales & West Utilities

SWBC is an amazing organisation bringing expertise and a credible board with a wide reach within the South West. They really do champion our region. 

Our experience and membership with SWBC over the years has really helped us get visibility and insight to the amazing regional organisations. We have worked with many and continue to collaborate and look forward to engaging with more through SWBC network meetings and other organised events, in the future.

We are excited to continue to help organisations implement robust Cyber Security solutions with the goal of making the region thrive and grow stronger together.

Pete Woodward

CEO, Securious Limited

Exeter Science Park Ltd has been a member of SWBC for the last five years.

We value SWBC’s broad national and international perspective, its advocacy on behalf of our region, its engagement with emerging and existing sectors, and its organisation of conferences and other meetings.

Sally Basker

CEO, Exeter Science Park Ltd

Being a part of SWBC has helped Like Minds find new partners, sponsors and connections across the South West.

We get great value from being a part of their business eco-system and meeting individuals and companies outside our immediate network that we wouldn’t normally have access to, alongside some invaluable information sharing.

Drew Ellis

Founder, Like Minds

Petroc is a proud member of the South West Business Council, who have been instrumental in supporting the college by providing leading strategic advice and insight in both regional and national business partnerships. It is vital that Petroc can communicate effectively with influential stakeholders and the support provided from SWBC has helped us in achieving this. 
We are committed to working closely together to explore new opportunities for the college in order to drive positive change and growth in accordance with regional community needs and our curriculum offer. By being a member of SWBC, we’re contributing to the prosperity and growth of industry here in the South West and strengthening our pledge to give learners a sustainable career path which in turn benefits local economy.
Sean Mackney

Principal and CEO, Petroc

Engaging with the South West Business Council over the years has been brilliant for us, not just for our digital agency but also for our network: Digital Plymouth.

Our SWBC membership has afforded us the ability to engage with a vast network of businesses from across the South West, of all shapes and sizes, while also keeping us up-to-date with important stories from the region. 

Gavin Jones

Managing Director, Elixel

The DBI work with many black, asian, and minority ethnic individuals, helping them to overcome the stumbling blocks of financial and discriminatory circumstances. We encourage entrepreneurs to rise to the challenge by promoting diversity through their work and celebrating how this can catalyse innovation and creativity.

As part of the SWBC board, I am proud to work in collaboration with the South West Business Council, who champion our mission and help us make a difference to the BAME community. Through our membership, we have gained valuable contacts within the business community which enables us to expand the reach of our support.

Jabo Butera

Managing Director, DBI

The support from South West Business Council has been crucial in making our move to the Skypark as smooth as possible. From assisting with proposals and negotiations, to helping with the move itself, the council were there to support us at every stage of the process, really demonstrating the value of our Gold membership with them.

We are looking forward to continuing to grow our business and develop our innovative green fuel technology at the new facilities.

The ongoing support we have received as a member of the South West Business Council has been imperative during the pandemic. We have been able to connect with other like-minded businesses to discover best practises for managing the crisis, and bounce ideas off of other business leaders, helping us to provide the clearest guidance and logistics for our 300+ employees.

Paul Swan

Group Finance Director, Stovax & Gazco

As the only dedicated public affairs and government relations consultancy in the far South West, Rowan Public Affairs is proud to be a member of the SWBC. We were delighted to assist with the organisation and hosting of the fascinating SWBC conference on international trade last year, which revealed the potential for global trade that exists among businesses in the South West.

We gain great value through the networking opportunities offered by SWBC membership and also being part of a body which is so well connected with the wider business, social and economic factors that affect companies operating in the South West.

The SWBC offers a ‘connected’ voice for business which has reach far outside the region and this can only be good when it comes to putting the South West on the wider business agenda in the UK and elsewhere.

Craig Carey-Clinch

Managing Director, Rowan Public Affairs

SWBC were a big part of the business network and cross political party lobbying that helped secure the future of Barden in late 2019 when closure was planned. But it is since then that I have seen the real benefit of SWBC membership, firstly helping me personally in my new role as MD, and also opening doors to future financing for our business growth. They are always there to pick up the phone, offer advice and support in any way they can, a great contact to have in both good and hard times. I would recommend membership to all, especially if you are new to the area, role and growing.

Damian Dunne

Managing Director, Barden Corporation (UK) Ltd

The College is a long-standing member of the South West Business Council who we have always considered as one of the most effective networks of businesses. They have supported the College over the years, providing vital strategic advice and valuable guidance to ensure our vision, strategies and curriculum design are relevant for the needs of our regional business community. The SWBC team have been instrumental in providing valuable insight helping us to secure valuable support regionally and nationally for some of our key projects over the last decade.

Laurence Frewin

Principle & CEO, South Devon College

SWBC provide a chance for us to mix with representatives from across the region and engage over common interests but equally it is a chance for us to understand different perspectives from across the patch. The relationships and networks have been very helpful in the development of our business.

As some of the SWBC members are themselves our clients and suppliers the meetings and networking opportunities provide us with a good chance to maintain and develop our relationships with them. The chance to regularly engage with our MPs and the wider political process is key.

Dave Underwood

Former Deputy Director HPC, MET Office