I do a lot of networking. The groups I attend vary in size, location and industry.  Of all of these, I find SWBC to be the best. By a distance. I say this for a number of reasons; Not least, my fellow members and their understanding of what makes a great networking group, but also their realisation that as a collective we can make things better for all of us. Whether you happen to be an SME or a multinational corporation, the work done by SWBC is far-reaching, productive and beneficial for all.  But it’s even more than that. The team that run SWBC get networking. It should be, of course, that all networking groups ‘get’ networking but the simple truth is they don’t. At SWBC, we understand that quality conversations between all members and for the benefit of all members works. SWBC is the only network group where I renew my membership automatically.

Oliver Dax

Managing Director, Monkey's Paw Consultancy Ltd.

SWBC brings together representatives from a wide range of companies and organisations to give everyone an important opportunity to network and learn from other people’s experience. In addition we all require efficient and modern infrastructure including road, rail, air and sea as well as broadband in order for business to expand and thrive in the future. It is very reassuring to know that SWBC spends a great deal of time ensuring that this critical issue is given real focus and lobbying on our behalf.

James Staughton

Chief Executive, St Austell Brewery

As the gas distribution network serving the south west of England, we are delighted to be members of SWBC as this offers us opportunities to connect with so many of our customers and stakeholders in the area.

We appreciate being able to meet with a range of businesses and other organisations through our membership, and to explain who we are and about the services we supply to the south west.

Steven Edwards

Director of Regulation & Commercial, Wales & West Utilities

SWBC provide a chance for us to mix with representatives from across the region and engage over common interests but equally it is a chance for us to understand different perspectives from across the patch. The relationships and networks have been very helpful in the development of our business.

As some of the SWBC members are themselves our clients and suppliers the meetings and networking opportunities provide us with a good chance to maintain and develop our relationships with them. The chance to regularly engage with our MPs and the wider political process is key.

Dave Underwood

Former Deputy Director HPC, MET Office

BT has a long-standing relationship with South West Business Council and is pleased to be a member of their Board. BT has made a huge investment in rolling out fibre broadband in the South-West and is a major employer here. Being able to explain our role through SWBC is important, as is being able to connect and network with key businesses across the South-West.

Paul Coles

BT South West Regional Partnerships Director, BT